2) Fifteen More Days

January 16, 2011

List 2 – Things I swear will be completed by the end of January:

  • Set up my cellphone.
  • Paint my office.
  • Put photographs in the frames I bought two (yes, TWO) summers ago. I just completed that one. Yay!
  • Get a desk.
  • Join a few more groups in Flickr.
  • Make some changes on this here blog of mine.
  • Buy a copy of Larousse Mini Dictionaire de Français. (This is not as easy to find as you might think. Why is it so difficult to find a french-french dictionary in this bilingual country of mine?)
  • Go to Designer Fabric Outlet or some other fabulous place to find interesting fabric for curtains. Making them will come later, I swear. (just being realistic here)
  • Finish two panels of the blanket I’m knitting.
  • Go back to the pool (Sadly, I realize this is on almost every list I write.)
  • Start draft three of my writing project. (I swear… )
  • Organize the binder filled with old bills and household essentials. (ugh)
  • Speak more French/ Parlent plus de français.
  • Be done (I said DONE) de-cluttering my office. So close…
  • Shoot one roll of the expired 35 mm film I have socked away.
  • Post two more lists.
  • Wash the kitchen floor.
  • See at least two midday movies on my own.
  • Finish reading The Discomfort Zone by Jonathan Franzen. I’m enjoying it.
  • Lis le deuxieme chapitre de Ces Enfants de Ma Vie par Gabrielle Roy. (Not sure if I wrote that correctly. Feel free to correct me.) It’s an effort for me to read in French but a good effort.
  • De-clutter my computer.
  • Decide what I want to be when I grow up. Hm… I may need more time with that one. But, then again, how much effin’ time do you need? Decided already!

Seems like a lot for two weeks but I’ll do my best.


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