3) I love it when…

January 23, 2011

I can not tell you how many times I catch myself beginning a sentence with the words, “I hate it when… “ and I really hate it when that happens. Today’s post is the flip side to that phrase. For example, I love it when I find a good clip of a song I like on YouTube. Listen (and read) on…

List 3 – I love it when…

  • I think I’ve lost something like, say, my $111 monthly Metropass, mid-month, then discover it two days later when a kind stranger on the bus tells me I’ve dropped something after it falls out of the book I’m reading. Yay!
  • I make perfect connections on the TTC and get to my destination in record time.
  • something tumbles out of my hand like, say, a recently filled pepper mill, and crashes to the floor – but the top stays on.
  • something tumbles out of my hand, or, off the shelf, or, rolls off the counter (or… or… or…) and I catch it.
  • something tumbles out of my hand onto the floor – lid up. (I’ve been dropping a lot of stuff lately).
  • my house is clean.
  • someone I don’t know leaves a comment here or one of my Flickr photos. I love when anyone leaves a comment (go on… leave one) but it is nice to hear from a stranger.
  • I have the time to bake and the house smells like cinnamon and apples (or what have you) and it’s cold outside but oh so cozy in.
  • my shower has the perfect temperature and water pressure.
  • I feel positive, invincible and motivated.
  • I’m inspired by my family and friends – or strangers for that matter. I love feeling inspired.
  • I’m the one to inspire. Not sure how often this happens but I must have at one time or another.
  • I don’t feel guilty about lounging around with (depending on the time of day) a tea, or, glass of wine and nibbles – reading, watching a movie, day-dreaming…
  • I have a good book to read/film to watch/gallery to go to.
  • I watch a movie in French or overhear a conversation en français and I understand what they’re saying.
  • I cross something off my to-do list.
  • I complete a task I’ve been seriously avoiding.
  • I’m in “the zone” when I’m writing.
  • I’m reading a book I cannot put down.
  • one of my ideas not only gets realized but actually unfolds just as I had imagined it – or better.
  • I’ve gone to the pool. Feels so good on numerous levels making me wonder why I haven’t been in such a long time. People, I am telling you… The only habits you should ever break are the bad ones. I wonder why those are the ones that are so easy to pick up again. Weird.
  • I go for a walk on the trail. Nine and a half times out of ten this is a sure-fire mood lifter.
  • I’ve finished going the laundry.
  • I’m snuggling between freshly laundered sheet (beside B of course). Flannels in the winter, crisp cotton in the summer.
  • I take a good photo.
  • I read something I wrote awhile ago and do not get the urge to purge.
  • the sunshine streams through my window.
  • when I write a good and effortless blog post. These two do not always correspond.
  • I travel.
  • my flowering plants are blossoming. My orchids are on the brink of blooming – yay!
  • nature drops my jaw. The numerous shades of sky blue, for instance, or the way the breeze sounds (when there is not a windchill attached to it) as it rustles though the leaves.
  • I’m listening to and connecting with good music. You know what I mean? You’ve heard that song a million times before but, for whatever reason, at that moment its shooting goosebumps up your spine. Or it’s that kind of song that always shoots goosebumps up your spine. Mmmm…
  • I’m lost in the moment. When I’m working on something, listening to something, watching something, reading… (you get the point) and time seems to have evapourated or you feel like you are swathed in the most extraordinary, life-sustaining bubble.
  • simple things make me smile. A good coffee. Good food. Good company. Etc…
  • I find new people, places, things to love.
  • I realize I have a multitude of ways to end that sentence.

Before I go, I think I’ll share another Chocolate Genius song since he’s on my mind at the moment.  My Mom comes from the fabulous album, Black Music.  I stumbled on this song one day about (wow) ten years ago when I was flipping through channels on t.v. I stopped when I heard Marc Anthony Thompson’s voice. I’d never heard of CG before but was transfixed this song and immediately bought the album. I can’t seem to locate the video I saw that day, but no worries. The heartfelt performance of it here is just as spellbinding. By they way, there’s a short interview with him, here, at NPR Music, a site I never knew about until now. Nothing like accidentally stumbling on a good fine.

I love it when that happens.


2 Responses to “3) I love it when…”

  1. bp said

    great marathonic post, assiduous and real
    – killer guitar player
    – a Fender tele is what I want for my next birthday

    • Kim said

      According to a comment on YouTube the guitarist is Marc Ribot. He’s hot. It’s a tight band. If they ever come to T.O. we should check ’em out.
      And believe me, when I hit the jackpot you will be getting much more than the Fender tele. Yippee!!!

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