February 8, 2011

Recently chipped saucer I had to chuck into the bin.

Oh my… An entire week went by without me chipping in my two cents. I did sit down a couple of times, in a half baked attempt at composing an interesting post, but when I found myself, on Sunday, trying to come up with a inventory of events and items based on a favourite saucer of mine I had accidentally chipped, I decided to walk away listless.

I’m not going to say I’ve been feeling unmotivated. No. I think the real problem is that I’ve been feeling too motivated and with me too motivated translates into feeling overwhelmed. Not only have I been fiddling about at changing the look of Corkscrewcurls (btw, I am not completely settled on the theme I’ve got going on here at present) but I feel like I’m in need of a BIG renovation in many (many) areas of my life as well. Perhaps it’s the February blahs that have invaded my system (I probably wrote the same thing last February) but the thought of grabbing a hammer and chisel to start chipping away at all of my dull, stubborn and undefined edges seem exactly like the tools required to get the job done because, apparently, bagging my head against the wall doesn’t seem to be working.


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