March 5, 2011

When I woke up last Sunday I peered out the window and saw piles of that fluffy stuff clinging to the branches. You would think I’d be over seeing all that snow by now but instead my heart, as opposed to skipping, jogged a few feet ahead, inspiring me to toss back a coffee, grab my cam and pull on my Sorrells as quickly as possible before the snow started melting.

I was trying to capture the trees reflecting in the creek which looked stunning, especially when the sun was out. I am not doing the scene justice.

It was a stunning day on the trail and had been way to long since I last ventured down there. It always (always! ALWAYS!!) lifts my spirits which have been hovering in low terrain these days. Even though my swoop in mood hasn’t felt so great (don’t worry I swing up ever once in a while) I have a pretty good (ugh) feeling I know what’s responsible for it. The trick will be to grab that overbearing catalyst by its root and keep pulling up (up! UP!!!) with as much strength as I can muster. This has got to happen. I hope to write about it sometime soon once I can form a few coherent thoughts about this place I’m in and have a clearer vision of where I’m going.


One Response to “Reflection”

  1. bill said

    these should go on our walls as well
    so beautiful
    you have a great eye


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