The Whole Wide World

April 23, 2011

In my haste,¬†yesterday, I neglected to wish all a Happy Earth Day. To honour this most mighty world we live in, I thought I’d share these clips of two mighty women filling this well known gospel song with a whole lotta soul.

And to Mother Earth, let me just say I salute you. Thank you for feeding, clothing and healing me. Thank you for your strength and understanding and for always allowing me to lean on you. I know there are times when I’m out of line but I promise to do my best to support you in the uncountable ways you hold me up each day. It’s so easy to take you for granted but I know… I know.

It’s true, He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands but so do I and YOU do to.



Note to Self*

April 22, 2011

*Try to avoid making significant changes to your blog fifteen minutes before you having to head out the door.

I’ve been seriously avoiding/missing the time I spend around these parts, lately, mainly because I want to make a few changes. If you’ve been stopping in over the last month or so you will notice I’ve decided to go back to my original look. Hopefully, over the next week, I’ll be a bit more settled.