And a one and a two…

June 24, 2011

I almost let this one go by without noticing. I guess that’s just where I’m at these days, not exactly sure if I want to keep this baby alive, due to lack of direction, but have grown too attached to truly want to let this blog go. The gaps of silence can be attributed to a combination of reasons which include tackling a few chores that have been screaming for my attention as well as a strong desire to be a bit less random of what I post. Although there is nothing wrong with a random nature, these days, I want need a bit more focus in my life.  But, I’ve missed writing and sharing my photos and hope to pick it up. We’ll see what happens. No pressure. It is timely that this urge to start writing again has hit now since Corkscrewcurls is two years old today. Not the Terrible Two’s I hope. To ward off the cranky, stubborn and downright pouty behavior many a two year old has been known to bring on I decided to dig into the archives for some double takes to celebrate this joyous occasion. You may have already seen some of these over the last 730 days but it is my party and I’ll re-post if I want it. Actually, I’ve forgotten if I have or not so forgive the repeats and look forward to some fresh shots in the near future.

Happy Birthday Corkscrewcurls. May you live long and prosper and never be afraid to evolve. Keep your eyes open, your chin up, your spirit free and always ALWAYS be yourself finding the beauty in honesty and self-expression. Even though this might not always be easy to accomplish, it will always be rewarding. So, grow into who you need to be. Grow, grow, GROW and forward. Here’s to a great year ahead. Sometimes it takes a couple to get things right.

Now, let’s get this party started.


City Hall, Two-ronto

Double Vision @ The Evergreen Brickworks

Two-bular beams of light @ The AGO

Drawers. Now THAT'S a witty name.

Two lines leading upward.

And one for good luck.


5 Responses to “And a one and a two…”

  1. Bill said

    Happy birthday corky.


  2. Sean said

    Why aren’t these pictures on Flickr?

    • Kim said

      Damn fine question. I really need to update but as you can tell by my lack of posts here my mind has been elsewhere. Soon… soon…

  3. drmenen said

    Happy Birthday to a creative, amusing and inspiring blog!!! May you continue to post regularly and know that your words and thoughts (and awesome pics!) are appreciated!

    • Kim said

      Thanks so much!!! I have certainly been m.i.a. here for the last few months but one of my wishes for the new year is to stop by on a more regular basis. 🙂

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