Revolutionary Staircase

August 1, 2011

I’ve missed posting lately and have contemplated saying tah-tah to this little mismatched project of mine. But, I can’t seem to let her (yes, it’s a she) go. Blogging forces me to concentrate long enough (no small feat) to chuck something up on the screen – and, I like that because I’m the type of person who needs to be encouraged in one way or another. Trouble is I haven’t completely figure out which way I want to go here. Two years and counting and  I’ve still not come up with a plan.

That is so… me. But, who else can I be? No one, I can assure you, and I believe me I’ve tried.

After recently turning the big 45 (more on that wee event to follow) it’s hard to believe I’m still plan-less (or is that clueless? I just don’t know.) I think the best course of action for a plan-less girl woman like me is to pluck, snag or wrestle one or two of the many aimless ideas I have ricocheting about in my head and see what happens. Revolutionary concept, I know.

About a month ago, during a meandering afternoon stroll in the city, Bill and I discovered a hidden gem of a trail. Exiting, we were confronted with two sets of stairways leading out to who knew where. I suppose we could have turned back but when that familiar expression, been there/done that popped, into my mind Bill suggested, “Let’s just take one and see where it leads to.” So we did. And, even though we walked into a dead-end after taking the first set and were a touch off course after the next, we still managed to arrive exactly where we wanted – slightly off course but now tuned into a chunk of hidden beauty nestled just out of reach.

I love when that happens.


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