Just Trying to B…

August 2, 2011

Two Bikes...

I find it very difficult to do nothing. I can not tell you how many times I’ve planned to take a day off, completely, then fill it with chores, or even worse, spend my time supposedly doing nothing while proceeding to beat myself up over not doing anything. Does that make sense? It’s what I call “shoulding over everything” and shoulding really stinks. The long list of should-be-doings will never go away so I think it is extremely important to allow yourself the time to rejuvenate. I say, take one day from each week, spending an hour or two (tops) getting things in order, and then shut the door on chores gently (you can slam the door the rest of the week) and get down to some serious Be chillin’. Yeah, take a Be who you need to Be day and allow the you who should Be to have the day off.

Yesterday, I did just that and the day went something like this:

Two Bikes, a Book (I didn’t open), a Blanket and Bill. A gentle Breeze (cool at times), a Blue sky and Buzzing cicadas – all against a Backdrop of lovely. Biting into Berries while lying on my Back under swollen green Branches. Basking and Breathing and Blinking in Beat to my dreams. I Bowed under Boredom not Bothering to be Bothered and Bit Back the urge to undertake any unnecessary Burden. Breathe… Breathe… Breathe. She said and did and ah… it felt good to just Be.


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