From Argh – Ahhhh in 45 minutes

August 5, 2011

One of the many things I’ve been trying to do lately is to get realigned with myself. This is what happens when too many ideas and feelings and ways I’d like to change or untangle myself get jammed into my body. Where else can it go but inside of me? All of that jumbledness (yes, that’s what it feels like even if it isn’t a word) throws me off of my axis. And since one of the key places of entanglement for me is in my gut, it can make listening to it very difficult indeed (speak up will yah?). To get my balance back (as if I was ever balanced. Wait, I think I was for a day or two back in ’05!) I’ve been trying to do a bit a yoga a few times a week. I completed two great sequences this morning yesterday via the Yoga Journal website podcast with Jason Crandell and thought I’d share them with you.

***Argh!!! I’m trying to “insert” the video clip but it’s not working. So, until I can figure out why(?!!) here are the links:

I started with this.

Then ended with that.

Which would have changed my Argh to Ahhhhhhh… if I had done these sequences after trying to do this post.

By the way, thanks Jason. I’d love to take one of your classes sometime.




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