35) Imaginary Flop Day

November 27, 2010

A cold and dreary wind blows out my window.  If I could have my way I would stay in my jammas and spent the entire day inside.

List 35 – Things I’d do if I didn’t have to go to work today:

  • Have an all day film fest at the best venue in town… my couch.
  • Brew a pot of tea (peppermint, ginger, chai?), pull the covers up to my shoulders and dig into a great book. I’m itching to re-read The Year of Magical Thinking. I just saw the play at the Tarragon Theatre with the lovely and amazing Seanna McKenna.
  • Take a nice long, hot shower.
  • make a second coffee.
  • day dream.
  • Make a few long distance phone call/ figure out how to use Skype.
  • Grab a stack of New Yorker Magazines and dig in.
  • Pull out my knitting project from last year. This is a perfect day to get back into it – if I had the day off.
  • Give myself a luxuriant mini/pedi. A real splurge (for me) would be if someone else did it for me but that would entail leaving the house.
  • Do a bit of blog surfing on the net. I have to admit I love to do this but it can be a real time zapper and difficult to justify when I have so many other things to accomplish.
  • Hang out at TV5 MONDE in order to allow the french language to sink into my system. I try to hit this site about five days a week, usually on my lunch break, but it would be nice to spend more then twenty minutes in an attempt to hone my comprehension skills which, if I say so myself, needs a lot of sharpening.
  • Snuggle with B.
  • Snap my pod onto the Bose and listen to some music. Loud.
  • Order in.
  • Snooze.
  • Watch a few hours of bad television. A Flipping Out marathon maybe? Or, some not so bad… Like a few back to back episodes of Law and Order (only the original series even though it got canceled), Rescue Me (Dennis Leary. Enough said.), Sex and the City (the series – which I’ve seen a few times -not a huge fan of the films though.), The Larry Sanders Show (finally out on d.v.d. I need to get my hands on them!) Six Feet Under, The Sopranos, The Chris Isaak Show. I’d also love to check out a few I’ve never seen before like In Treatment and Entourage to name a couple.

Here’s a clip of Rescue Me to keep you warm. This clip could be construed as offensive to just about everyone and contains some foul language. It is not politically correct. The best way to watch a show like this is marvel at the writing (and all the hottie hots in the cast) and don’t take things too seriously.

What?!! I just looked out the window. I didn’t realize it was snowing…

And on that note I’m off to work.


Just Breathe

September 21, 2010

Calm Blue...

Lately, I’ve been busy/crazy (or, is that crazy/busy? No matter – both work.) which is why I have tried to steer my gaze away from this computer screen for the last few days. I miss it here but whenever I sit down to blog, surf, Flickr (yes, I’ve used that as a verb) or all three simultaneously (do not try this without medical supervision) time floats away and I’m left stranded, bouyless, with that sagging pile of want to’s tilting away from me.

I am determined to list this week, resume the word-of-the-day and to start posting a daily shot on Flickr – all things I enjoy. However, I must try to tighten my hold on that ball I keep dropping. Yes, that ball. And actually,  I don’t believe I’ve let it go, I just haven’t figured out how to hold it properly. It feels like I’m holding a baseball when there’s a football in my hand. Try to toss that one out there. All the time it takes for me to work out how it’s done.  How do people do it? Those of you that can (or seem to) juggle the various tasks you yearn to accomplish without dropping the ball, volleying it away from you in a mild frenzied panic (oh, the memories of high school gym class) after someone hurls it in your direction and/or crumpling into a teary mass on that floor you keep meaning to polish? Sigh…

Calm blue ocean… Calm blue ocean…. Calm blue ocean…

Over my head

August 9, 2010


Night light

The August Break -Day Nine

Word of the day.

Gerent. \ JEER-uhnt \ n. A ruler or manager.

“But,” I said to him, “whatever happens and no matter how hard I fall, I will always be the gerant of my own life.

I’ve been in that kind of head-space, today, where I feel as if I’m in over my head. I continue to do battle with the french language, among other things – and, I really do say that fondly, but some days I feel a wee bit defeated. Have I said that before? Probably… My class just went from two to three hours for the next month – twice a week. Add to that work, chores and all of my distractions and you’ve got one dizzying equation for who the hell knows what? I feel as if I’m being whipped around on one of those rides at The Ex where, at least back in my day, in Winnipeg, there was this spinning contraption that spun you around at such a velocity you’d get smacked up and stuck against the wall. And, if that wasn’t force enough to reckon with, the floor dropped out leaving you stranded, pinned and dangling while you wondered how much more of it you could take. But, it always slowed down, eventually. I’d peel myself off the wall, then straighten myself and out before you knew it I’d be in line for the next ride jumping at the chance to be tossed around again.

I sure hope this time I can hang on this time. I probably can.

Yield to it

July 31, 2010

I’m not really in the mood to write today. (So then why am I? Sigh… So many questions I long to find the answers for.) I’ve been off from work all week and have only two and a half more days (but who’s counting) before I need to head back. Bill and I took to the road on Thursday for an overnight in Owen Sound. We had a great time. We hoofed along part of the Bruce Trail and, yesterday, headed over to the Mono Cliffs on our way back into T.O. It was wonderful to get away even for only one night. I’m feeling a bit aimless now, though. Not a feeling I’m exactly enjoying either, despite the absolutely glorious weather conditions. Sometimes, I find it difficult to relax, feeling guilty if I’m not accomplishing more (ugh…) productive. I have so many lists  I’d like to whittle down into one big heap of have-dones. Speaking of which, I have not posted this week’s list yet with one day to go before I implode.

I think I’ll just need to give in and relax already. I’ll drag my sorry self out there and enjoy the rest of the day without attaching any expectations to it. So there.

I’m going to head over to my Saturday market ritual a little later in the day then usually. Maybe I’ll score some cut-rate prices on produce or fish since the market is closed on Sunday and Monday and has been known to offer a deal or two later in the day.

Before I forget, (as I did yesterday. What can I say… I was on the road.) here’s my word for the day:

Blithe adj, – joyous or merry in disposition. 2. without thought or regard; carefree; heedless. (Hm, sounds just like me!)

I walked with a  blithe step toward the market despite having oodles of French verbs to study and conversations en française to decode.

In Training…

July 8, 2010

I’m just heading east on a train to Montréal. I love watching the summer-green landscape sweep past my window and the tall stalks of grain as they sway in the breeze. The sound of the woooah-woah whistle moaning in the distance reminds me of growing up in a house not for from a set of tracks, in Winnipeg. I loved to hear the locomotive commotion half a block away. Big, steel wheels scraping and gliding past the back lane intersection, possibly flattening a coin we had laid on the rusty metal rails. The red lights flashing as the conductor smiled down towards me and my compadres, a group of gleefully squealing pre-teens waving frantically, urging him to pull the high up cord to sound off the whistle while the train whizzed through town to who knew where.


June 3, 2010

Busy as a bee today but loving it!

May 21, 2010

It’s rounding up toward the eleventh hour on this sunny Friday and already I’ve completed a few chores. I work in a couple of hours and wanted to pack a few to-dos in before heading down to “the office”. Despite the clear sky and gentle breeze, so frickin’ lovely I almost feel like crying those kinds of tears, there’s a bit of congestion floating about my insides that I’m gathering might be more complicated to expel than a simple coughing-up-of. I think it has more to do with a slight feeling of oppression (see the aforementioned “I work in a couple of hours”) compounded daily by my need to earn a living and a strong desire to slack off and figuratively and/or literally run my toes through the grass so green these days I’m envious of my last summer’s self who thought she had all the time in the world. Ha… where did she get that notion from, silly girl.


May 20, 2010

What over yonder lies?

I wonder what I should do when I grow up? Me thinks the day is arriving soon.


May 18, 2010

Climbing the Wall

I’m back. I had a great time in The City but now I have to pay for it. Literally. I’m back to work today.

Man, that went by in a New York minute. It was fabulous, though, to sneak away – however brief.

I hope to post a shot or two in the next day, or so.


Some Daze…

May 12, 2010

Some days, like today, I don’t know where to begin.

I’m not saying it’s a bad day, it’s just a bit of a jumble, where confusion reigns and I’m not sure what bit off the heaping plate I ought to dig into first.