June 4, 2010

Hot out of the oven.

When I was in NYC a couple of weeks ago I sank my teeth into the yummiest scone ever. I found it at the Whole Foods Market in Columbus Circle. I felt extra pleased because not only was it flakey and freakin’ delicious, it was made with spelt flour which is perfect for me since I happen to have a sensitivity to wheat. One of the first things I did when I got back home from the big city (other than cry – my trip could have been a couple of days longer) was sit down at my computer to see if I could rustle up the recipe on-line. And, I’m pretty sure I found it. I wanted to share with you. I found it very easy to make and had to stop myself from eating two or three at a time although Bill caved and ate two which is a big compliment to the chef (thank you very much!). Today will be the real test, though, when I see how well a day old scone holds up. I’m not quite ready to take the edible plunge so early in the morning so check in tomorrow for an update.

Whole Grain Cherry Cardamom Scones

BTW, I used kefir instead of butter milk and dried cranberries instead of dried cherries (they’re kind of pricey and I had the cranberries on hand). I also chucked in a mitt full of walnuts but these definitely are optional. Oh, and since my cardamom was kinda old and tasteless I used some cinnamon instead. I will make it again soon with cardamom. Cardamom has such a distinct flavour I’m sure it will create an entirely different scone-related taste sensation. I can’t wait.

Happy baking!!!



April 10, 2010

I had  couple of bananas on the way out on Monday and decided to make a banana loaf. Of course I consulted, not the mid-sized collection of cookbooks I have leaning on my shelves, but the internet. After much clicking, reading and finding a reason why I shouldn’t invest my time making a particular recipe I decided on the 10 Minute Banana Bread recipe I found over at a site called, The Fresh Loaf. I thought to myself, right… ten minutes my arse. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tackled (quite literally) a recipe claiming to be easily completed in thirty minutes or less, still to be found sweating in front of the stove or oven an hour later. Now, I can’t say this took exactly the claimed ten but I will say it didn’t take much longer. Not only that, it’s frickin’ deelish. A lot of the comments following the recipe are informative too. Plus, I substituted spelt flour for the all-purpose called for in the recipe (for the most part, I don’t eat wheat products), however, I added a bit more spelt flour since, apparently, when subbing spelt flour you should increase the amount of dry ingredients a bit (shoot where did that link go about spelt flour? I’ll try to find it later.). Oh yeah, and to make it even easier I melted the butter AND I used this Wholesome Fair Trade Certified Organic Sugar and decreased the amount a bit. Next time I will use even less sugar because I don’t like my baked goods too sweet (not that this was too sweet but I tend to usually take it down a few notches in sweetening department).

A wee note about sugar. If I’m baking (which I love to do) for just Bill and I, I usually use the Wholesome Sugar I just mentioned or the raw cane sugar version because I believe it’s healthier for day-to-day use. If I were making a more finicky desert or baking for, say, a dinner party or potluck (which I don’t do often) I’d most likely use regular sugar. I generally buy fair trade sugar to support the workers in that industry. Here is a link to part 1 of 5 of a documentary made by the CBC I saw years ago called Big Sugar. You can find the remaining four parts of the documentary there as well (man, I love the net). Check it out if you want to get a good understanding about the industry. Back to the banana bread…

Bottom line… this recipe rocked and was easy to make. If you have a couple of bananas going all brown and spotty do yourself a favour and whip yourself up a loaf. Big thanks to The Fresh Loaf for such a yumilicious find.

BTW, I really need to play around a bit with food photography. I think I could have done better with that shot. Just sayin’…